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PEGASUS at Texprocess 2019
May 14 (Tue.) – 17 (Fri.)
Germany, Frankfurter Messe Gelande
Hall No. 5.0
<PEGASUS Booth No. STAND #B70>

PEGASUS EUROPA GmbH (Headquarters: Kaiserslautern, Germany President: Shinjiro Komatsubara) a subsidiary company of PEGASUS SEWING MACHINE MFG. CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Fukushima-ku, Osaka, Japan, President: Shigemi Mima), will set up a booth at the Texprocess 2019. This event will be held for Four days, from May 14 (Tue.) through May 17 (Fri.) at Frankfurter Messe Gelande in Germany.

PEGASUS will exhibit and demonstrate our latest labor-saving devices and state-of-the-art automatical technology, such as FS700P-A series “LaRgo” (pronunciation: /láːrgou/) , at PEGASUS’ booth in Texprocess Frankfurter 2019.Along with equipment for Knitted garment products, we also introduce products suitable for sewing non-apparel products such as denim products and automobile interiors.

In addition, the “Digital Process Analysis System”, that is a “Factory Improvement Software” andwe’ll demonstrate the “Inspection Control System”. PEGASUS will participate in a joint booth together with BROTHER INDUSTRIES, LTD.’ overseas sales company, BROTHER INTERNATIONALE INDUSTRIEMASCHINEN GmbH (Head Office: Nagoya, President: Ichiro Sasaki), and an automatic sewing unit manufacturer based in Europe, in order to develop PEGASUS’ total proposals. PEGASUS is expecting that this participation will provide a sufficient showcase of our products to users in the fastest growing markets in recent years, Turkey, Eastern Europe and North Africa, as well as in European countries, with their excellent quality and fashion sense.

For details regarding Texprocess 2019, please see the attached sheet.

《 Outline of Texprocess 2019 》
■ Time : May 14 (Tue.) – 17 (Fri.), 2019
■ Place : Germany, Frankfurter Messe Gelande Hall No. 5.0
■ Booth No. : STAND #B70
■ Models to be displayed : 18 models of sewing machines, and 2 kinds of Factory
improvement software.
* All sewing machines and the factory improvement software will
be exhibited with demonstrations.

The outline of PEGASUS’s highlighted exhibits is as follows.

■ High-lights
FS703P-A-G2Wx460/PD23/PL/PP3A 《 LaRgo 》 (photo attached) The FS700P series equipped with a right and left independent differential feed adjustment mechanism Oil Barrier type, 4-needle, feed-off-the-arm, interlock stitch machine for flatseaming

  • Seaming on functional fabrics that have varying degrees of stretchability, such as mesh fabrics and stretchable fabrics that are employed for sportswear and similar garments.
  • The differential feed ratio can be adjusted separately, in order to respond to operations in which the machine is used to sew right- and left-hand side fabrics that have varying degrees of stretchability such as mesh fabrics and stretchable fabrics, and/or curved lines.
  • The operator can handle the right- and left-hand side fabrics easily, without worrying about the different stretchability. The LaRgo achieves uniformly and beautifully finished products, regardless of the skill of the operator. These features reduce the operator’s burden drastically, and also help increase productivity.
  • Thanks to the air-controlled presser foot pressure (PP3A), the uniform and minimum possible presser foot pressure is always achieved according to the fabric and fabric weight being used.
  • Thanks to the air-controlled engagement pressure of the knives, the engagement pressure is reduced, compared to conventional knives. This feature  dramatically increases the durability of the knives.FS703P-A-G2WX460

TML326-01X2080/Y2200 (photo attached) *Under Development 2-needle, post bed, double chainstitch machine

  • 3D sewing, such as sewing interior automotive trimmings (instrument panels, door trims, seats, etc.) and sewing
    furniture, bags, shoes, leather products, etc.
  • Frequent replacement of the bobbin is eliminated by changing from the conventional post bed lockstitch machine to the post bed double chainstitch machine.
  • Therefore, on this newly-introduced post bed double chainstitch machine, continuous sewing is possible until both the needle and looper threads are used up.This feature increases production dramatically.
  • Thanks to the unison feed feature (top feed, bottom feed and needle feed), this machine is suitable for sewing extra heavy weight fabrics.
  • The distance from the center of the needle bar to the right side of the arm is 350 mm. The space around the arm bed is large, so handling the material is easy. This feature increases productivity.
  • Beautiful stitches without any twists are produced when this machine sews interior automotive trimmings.TML326-01X2080/Y2200

W562PV-05CX364BS/FT9K/Z017/Y2181 (photo attached) Oil barrier type, interlock stitch machine for sewing belt loops

  • Sewing belt loops for jeans, pants, and similar garments.
  • The fabric edge trimmer (FT) trims the edges of the fabric (both sides) during sewing, producing a clean finish on the edges of the fabric. Fabric scraps can be used effectively. The FT device is detachable.
  • The needle bar include a special designed oil seal and bushing, exerting dramatic “Oil Barrier” effectiveness, preventing oil leakage and oil splashes.
  • The needle bar stroke can be changed according to the fabric.


M932-86-5X6/D222/Z054 (photo attached) 2-needle safety stitch machine for plain seaming extra heavy weight fabrics

  • Plain seaming heavy weight woven fabrics, such as jeans.
  • Equipped with a caterpillar foot that accurately and positively holds while feeding the top and bottom plies, the machine can sew thick overlapped areas, such as inseaming on jeans, providing high quality products.
  • Equipped with our original and high-quality direct drive motor, you can employ this MX series reliably and safely.

M900/D222 series

● Factory improvement software

(Digital Process Analysis System)

The Digital Process Analysis System is a support tool that can be employed in order to improve production. Thanks to this system, you can embody your skills and techniques, such as “Handling down your technology (Educating newcomers),” “Motion analysis,” “Job improvement,” “Standardizing operations,” and “Production simulation,” by visualizing them using video images.

(Inspection Control System)
The Inspection Control System is to abolish the handwriting of the defect contents, and digitize the “repair product management”, “daily inspection report”, “By line, by type of defect”, using the tablet PC. This is the tool which supports the visualization of improvement points & labor saving.

[ Inquiries ]
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Products information: Sales Department, C.S. Division PEGASUS SEWING MACHINE MFG. CO., LTD. TEL: 81-6-6458-4739